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2006 Talks
  • Project NExT-Wisconsin, Workshop in Menomonie, October 5–7

  • MathFest, Knoxville, TN, Aug 12

    • Stories from the History of Mathematics

  • Bellingham, WA talks, May 19–20

    • The Changing Face of Calculus

    • The Amusement Park Problem

  • Bay Area talks, April 11–12

    • The Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture, Santa Clara University

    • Exploiting Symmetries: Alternating Sign Matrices and the Weyl Character Formulas, Stanford

    • The Art of Counting, Bay Area Math Adventures

    • "A Little Algebra" a supplement to The Art of Counting

  • San Antonio. Jan 14–15

    • ​AP Calculus: Friend or Foe?

    • Calculus for Those Who have Taken Calculus. 

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