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2007 Talks
  • Denison University, October 25–26

    • Proofs and Confirmations: The Story of the alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture

    • Stories from the Development of Real Analysis

  • Randolph Lecture, MAA Seaway Section, Rochester, NY, October 20, 

    • Calculus in High School

  • Pi Mu Epsilon talk, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, October 4: 

    • Explorations of the Foundations of Calculus

  • MAA Distinguished Lecture Series, Washington, DC, September 19: 

    • The Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture

  • MathFest, San Jose, CA, August 2–5

    • Project NExT: Increasing the Number of Majors

    • SIGMAA TAHSM: Calculus in High School

    • Minicourse:

      • Limits,

      • Sunday homework,

      • Elliptic functions and Newton's Principia,

      • harmonic series problems,

      • more problems on harmonic series

  • MathPath, Colorado College, July 24–26

    • Introduction to Recursions

    • Sums of Powers

    • Counting Alternating Sign Matrices

    • Plane Partitions and the Six Vertex Model

  • Davidson Young Scholars, St. Paul, MN, June 21–22

    • The Art of Counting, ages 4–11

    • The Art of Counting, ages 10–16

  • AP Reading, Louisville, KY, June 15

    • Has Calculus Become a High School Course?

  • CBMS, Washington, DC, May 4

    • Challenges for the Undergraduate Curriculum

  • Visualizing the Future of Mathematics, LA, April 13

    • Challenges for the Undergraduate Curriculum

  • Joint Math Meetings, New Orleans, January 4–8

    • Transition to Proof

    • Using history to understand how to teach Real Analysis

    • Report on Calculus at Macalester College

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